Kenosha Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

Allegations of assault or any crime of violence may have far-reaching consequences. In addition to going to jail or prison, you could lose gun rights or custody of your children. You may be barred from certain occupations and forever branded as a felon and a menace to society.

At the Law Office of John Anthony Ward, we strive to prevent the harshest outcome. Sometimes we can resolve these cases through motions to dismiss or negotiations with prosecutors — but many times the only way to avoid a conviction is to "strap it on" and go to trial. With over 31 years of experience, ex-Marine John A. Ward is the proven trial lawyer you need when your freedom and future are on the line.

Assault Charges And Serious Felony Crimes

Our Wisconsin and Illinois criminal defense practice has handled all levels of violent crime allegations:

For fights or assaults resulting in injury or unintentional death, there may be opportunities to reduce the charges or avoid jail through probation or anger management counseling. With more serious felony charges such as murder or assault with a deadly weapon, there often is no chance for a plea bargain. As your attorney, Mr. Ward will aggressively challenge every facet of the prosecution's case, from search warrants and forensic evidence to cross-examination of witnesses and experts, to prevent a conviction or establish mitigating factors for sentencing.

When Your Freedom Is At Stake ...

If you or a family member needs violent crime defense, call the Law Office of John Anthony Ward at 262-671-0165 or 866-719-3634, or contact us online. We offer a free consultation, serving Kenosha, Racine and surrounding counties of southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.