Child Support And Spousal Support Lawyer

Financial support becomes a point of contention in many divorce and paternity cases. While there is a baseline formula and statutory guidelines, there is also leeway in determining the level of child support or the amount and duration of spousal support. Over time, the difference may add up to many thousands of dollars.

The Law Office of John Anthony Ward provides knowledgeable counsel for determination, modification and enforcement of child support and spousal support. We handle divorce and child custody cases in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Put your trust in a Kenosha child support attorney with more than 25 years of family law experience.

Fair And Accurate Child Support

The child support guidelines are a starting point, based on the incomes of the parents and the number of children. However, the court can deviate from the presumptive award for statutory factors such as the financial resources of the child, spousal maintenance obligations, support of other children or relatives, day care expenses, stay-at-home parenting, shared placement (equal custody), travel expenses of the noncustodial parent or educational needs.

In negotiations or in court, Mr. Ward can skillfully advocate for an upward departure or a lower amount of support. He can represent parents in modifying and enforcing child support when there has been a change in circumstances or when a parent is not paying court-ordered support.

Will There Be Spousal Support (Alimony)?

Spousal support is meant to equalize the standard of living of divorcing spouses, provide for a spouse who cannot become self-sustaining, or to allow a spouse to go back to school or re-establish a career. Judges have discretion in awarding spousal support and in deciding the amount and duration, but they must consider statutory factors such as the incomes and earning capacity of each party, age and health, career sacrifices, contributions to the other party's earning power, and child-rearing duties.

In general, "permanent" alimony is awarded only in longer marriages or if a spouse is disabled or unable to earn a living. John Ward has litigated spousal support cases in Wisconsin and Illinois. Because it can be difficult to predict how a court will rule, we often negotiate spousal maintenance or lump-sum settlements in property settlement agreements.

Knowledgeable Representation Since 1989

Our role is to make sure that court-ordered support is based on accurate financial data and appropriate factors and deviations. To protect your interests, arrange a free consultation with our child support and spousal support lawyer at 262-671-0165 or contact us online. We serve Kenosha, Racine, Waukegan and surrounding areas.