Kenosha Property Division Lawyer

From sentimental attachments to legal interpretations, dividing the marital estate often is the most complex and contentious part of divorce. How do you get past the emotions to focus clearly on these issues? How do you know what's possible and what's fair? How do you settle the inevitable disputes without a full-scale court battle?

The Law Office of John Anthony Ward can help you prioritize and strategize property division in your Wisconsin or Illinois divorce. We take a big-picture approach that anticipates the impact on your finances and your future. Whether your assets are ultimately divided in negotiations or litigation, our courtroom experience protects your interests and helps you achieve your goals.

Dividing Assets, Accounts And Debts In Divorce

Everything that you acquired together and even assets that you owned prior to marriage are potentially on the table, including:

  • The marital residence and other real estate
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • A business or professional practice
  • Stocks, investments and savings
  • Vehicles, valuables and furnishings
  • Jointly acquired debts and loans

The first order of business is to determine which assets are subject to division and which are separate property for purposes of divorce. This may involve forensic accountants to uncover hidden assets or accounts. Then we have to come to agreement on the value of assets. We work with certified public accountants (CPAs), business valuation experts, appraisers and other professionals to arrive at accurate figures.

It is important to understand that your marital wealth is not necessarily divided in half. A judge must consider 13 statutory factors, from the financial positions of each party to career sacrifices and contributions to the marriage. Our attorney goes beyond the equitable distribution statute to anticipate spousal support and child support, the possibility that one spouse may end up in bankruptcy, and ramifications for retirement and estate planning.

Vigorous Legal Advocacy Since 1989

Trial lawyer John Anthony Ward brings more than 25 years of divorce law experience. He can offer creative solutions for a practical property settlement, and he is not afraid to go to court to keep the other side honest and to stand up for your rightful share in asset division. Mr. Ward handles complex and high-asset divorces, but he is accessible to anyone seeking an edge or needing protection in these important proceedings.

The Law Office of John Anthony Ward represents divorcing men and women in Kenosha, Racine and southeast Wisconsin, as well as Waukegan and northern Illinois. Call our Kenosha property division attorney at 262-671-0165 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.