Kenosha Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Domestic abuse allegations are stressful and tricky. You may feel angry or betrayed, while also desiring to "patch things up" with the victim. You may be desperate to see your children or talk to your partner, but any attempt to contact them will only land you in deeper trouble.

For your own sake and the future of your family, you need a lawyer who can guide you through this legal minefield. John Anthony Ward practices in both criminal law and family law. He will protect you from the harshest consequences of assault charges and/or a domestic abuse restraining order and help you preserve what is most important to you.

Domestic Abuse Charges And Restraining Orders

If police are called to a domestic disturbance or if your spouse, partner or family member files a complaint with the court, you may face immediate and long-term consequences:

  • Removed from your own home
  • Cut off from your children
  • Subjected to a no-contact order
  • Charged with the crime of spousal abuse
  • Charged with violating a restraining order
  • Falsely accused of child abuse
  • Sentenced to jail or prison
  • Saddled with a criminal record
  • Unable to possess firearms
  • Barred from certain occupations

Kenosha domestic violence defense attorney John Anthony Ward provides guidance and legal representation for these very serious matters. He is prepared to represent you at trial on the criminal charges and in family court on the restraining order. He can also negotiate on your behalf and help you make good decisions if your priority is to salvage your family or regain custody of your children.

Experienced Representation For A Complex Situation

Even if the victim declines to press charges, the prosecutor will not necessarily dismiss the case. At every stage, John Ward's over 31 years of legal experience will serve you well. Arrange a free consultation at 262-671-0165 or contact us online. Our law firm serves clients in Kenosha, Racine and surrounding areas of southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.