Tips for Child Custody Holiday Schedules

By John Anthony Ward on May 28, 2019

A man and woman talking to a person with a notepadDivorce can be disruptive to all involved, especially children. Establishing child custody amicably and in a way that keeps the children's best interests at heart can help make the transition smoother for all parties involved.

Dividing holidays during the custody process can be a particular challenge for many parents, but one that can be overcome with help from child custody attorney John Anthony Ward. With these tips for child custody holiday schedules, attorney John Anthony Ward helps our Kenosha, WI clients enjoy the holidays even after divorce.

Alternate Holidays Year to Year

Some divorced couples in Kenosha find that the best way to share custody during holidays is to alternate who has custody of the children on specific holidays each year. For example, the mother may have the children for Thanksgiving on even years, leaving odd years for the father to have the children on Thanksgiving.

By alternating years, neither parent will have to miss the same holiday with their children more than one year in a row.

Celebrate Holidays Twice

Some holidays are too important for either parent to want to give up time with their children. One way to overcome this challenge when sharing custody is for each parent to have a separate time and date scheduled to celebrate the holiday with their children.

Each parent will be able to celebrate chosen holidays with their children, just not on the same day. This also means one parent will have to celebrate either before or after the actual date of the holiday.

Combining this option with alternating holidays can allow each parent time to celebrate on the actual holiday every other year and on a different date the years in between.

Split the Holiday

For those who find it's important to spend the actual holiday together, splitting the day between both parents may be a good option.

When splitting a holiday, children will spend half of the day with one parent and the other half with the other parent. For example, the children may spend Christmas morning with their mother and then go to their father's house for Christmas evening.

Stick to Fixed Holidays

It's not unusual for people to value some holidays more than others. When it comes to deciding custody around the holidays, it may be beneficial for some divorced couples to stick to a fixed holiday schedule based on which holiday each parent values most.

For example, one parent may think Easter is important to spend with their children while the other parent may value the 4th of July more. In such a situation, both parents may decide that the parent who values Easter gets custody of the children on that holiday every year and the other parent will get the children every 4th of July.

Combine Custody Arrangements

Any of these options can be combined or adjusted to fit each family's needs. For instance, parents may decide to split Christmas day with each other, assign fixed holidays, like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and choose to alternate Thanksgiving with each other.

By working together, separated and divorced parents can help their children still enjoy loving, happy holidays with both parents, just in different ways.

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