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Making decisions regarding your children can be one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process. Not only can the emotions of each parent come into play but the final decision will significantly alter your child's daily life. Child custody attorney John Anthony Ward understands the delicacy of these matters and the importance of the final outcome. Clients of John Anthony Ward, LLC in Kenosha, WI, can expect to have a dedicated attorney at their side who understands the intricacies of child custody laws and can help you reach an agreement that is based on your child's best interests.

A young child on a swing in between her parents.
The final decision of your child custody case will significantly alter your child's daily life

Types of Child Custody

While joint legal custody is common unless a parent is determined unfit, physical custody is usually awarded to one parent to provide the child with a stable living environment. There are two types of custody: 

Legal Custody
Parents awarded with this form of custody have the right to make decisions regarding the child's well-being and lifestyle including education, medical care, and religion.
Physical Custody
One parent is typically awarded physical custody and the other usually has rights to visitation. The child will reside with the parent who has primary physical custody.

Factors Considered when Determining Custody 

If you and your spouse cannot come to a custody agreement on your own or through mediation, the court will become involved. During a hearing, psychologists and other experts may be brought in to provide their professional opinions on the best interest of the child. When determining child custody arrangements, several factors will be considered including:

  • Caretaking abilities of each parent 
  • The cleanliness and environment of each home
  • Each parent's criminal record
  • History of domestic violence 
  • Relationships with the child
  • Work schedule of both parents
  • Age of the child 
  • Mental and physical state of each parent

The child's preference will also be taken into account. In the state of Illinois, children 14 years of age or older are allowed to choose which parent they would prefer to live with. However, if the judge feels they are making a decision that could harm them, they may overrule the decision.

Clients of Mr. Ward can expect to have a dedicated attorney at their side who understands the intricacies of child custody laws.

Interstate Child Custody Arrangements

Licensed in both Wisconsin and Illinois, Mr. Ward commonly handles interstate child custody disputes. With over 30 years of family law experience in both states, he can advise you on specific stipulations that may affect the court's final decision. 

The Advantages of an Experienced Attorney

Mr. Ward has established relationships with private investigators that can help build your case. He also works with a trusted accountant who can provide necessary economic evaluations. His knowledge of the child custody process and understanding of your family's history and dynamics allows him to strategically plan your approach. As your divorce lawyer, he will exhaust all resources to establish the strongest case to help you achieve the custody outcome you desire. In the event that your court-ordered custody or support no longer suits your family's circumstances, he can also assist you in petitioning for a post-judgment modification

Ensure the Best Arrangement

An unfavorable child custody agreement can put a strain on your relationship with your child and in the worst case scenario could even endanger them. Ensure that you have a fair opportunity to seek the best custody arrangement for you and your children by contacting us online or calling (262) 654-8868.

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