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Whether you are seeking a divorce or have recently been served by a spouse, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed by the process you may be facing. However, clients of John Anthony Ward, LLC., in Kenosha, WI, can feel reassured they are going to be provided with the reliable representation they need. As your divorce attorney, Mr. Ward can assist you with the related processes such as child custody and support agreements, as well as facilitate division of property to ensure you are treated fairly. He is also familiar with the nuances which affect military divorces.

A married couple in an argument.
It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by the process of divorce

The Primary Aspects of Divorce 

During the divorce process there are a variety of aspects of the life you have built with your partner that must be handled, including: 

Child Custody
The child custody agreement will determine the child's living arrangements and which parents are entitled to legal custody. In some cases, parents may share joint custody while in others one parent may have sole custody. This documentation will also specify the visitation schedule.
Property Division
During the divorce, your joint and separate property will need to be divided. While many couples wish to handle division of property outside of court, if an agreement cannot be made, the courts will determine who will receive which assets.
Child Support
A child support agreement is meant to ensure that your child is adequately provided for. The amount of support required will typically depend on a variety of factors including each parent's income and the custody agreement.
Spousal Support
Also known as alimony, spousal support is sometimes awarded to a former spouse to help maintain their standard of living. The amount and duration of which alimony is required, if any, may depend on certain factors, such as the length of the marriage.

The decisions made regarding these elements will have a lasting impact on your family's future and should be handled with the utmost care. 

Navigating the Divorce Process

Once you decide you would like to file for divorce or your spouse has initiated the process, it is recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer to represent you. It is not uncommon for emotions and complicated matters to create tension between spouses which can make complex proceedings even more difficult. With Mr. Ward by your side, you can rely on him to help you navigate the divorce process smoothly while you handle the changes occurring at home.

Hiring a seasoned divorce lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that could have a negative effect on your family dynamics and finances.

Mr. Ward strives to make sure that you are treated fairly. If he feels that you are being taken advantage of, he will go to court to resolve the issues. However, he also wants to help clients fix their marital problems, if that is what is best. In addition to addressing the matters that affect your family's present circumstances, he can also anticipate future issues that may arise based on years of experience with previous clients. If future issues do arise due to a change in circumstances, Mr. Ward can assist you in filing a post-judgment modification that better reflects your family's new needs. 

Professional, Reliable Counsel

Hiring a seasoned divorce lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that could have a negative effect on your family dynamics and finances. Contact us online or call us at (262) 654-8868 to schedule a consultation with Mr. Ward and discuss your divorce. He can provide the quality legal representation you need to ensure you are making informed decisions that serve your best interest. 

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"Mr. Ward and his professional team proceeded tenaciously to build a strong case in my favor. His in-depth knowledge of the law resulted in my twelve year old felony becoming just a misdemeanor. Mr. Ward is the third attorney to work on my case, but the only one who achieved positive results."

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