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Military divorce lawyers focus on helping members of the armed forces and their families when marital discord cannot be reconciled. Attorney John Anthony Ward in Kenosha, WI, is a former Marine who is exceptionally familiar with the processes military members are expected to follow. Mr. Ward is licensed to practice in Wisconsin and Illinois, and has been practicing family law for over 30 years. As your dedicated advocate, he will strive to ease the hardships of your divorce and arrive at the best outcome. Schedule a consultation using our online form or call (262) 842-5162 today to learn more.

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Members of the military face unique challenges during the divorce process.

Important Considerations

Military divorce in the state of Wisconsin poses several challenges compared to a standard civilian divorce. There are specific state and federal rules in place governing military divorces here, including:

  • Service members on active duty have the right to postpone the divorce proceedings for the entire time the active service member is on duty and up to 60 days thereafter.
  • You or your spouse must reside in Wisconsin or be stationed in Wisconsin to file for divorce in the state.
  • In a contested divorce, the active duty spouse must be personally served with a summons and a copy of the divorce action.
  • In an uncontested case, the active duty spouse may sign and file a waiver affidavit acknowledging the divorce action.

Additionally, the federal Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) governs the valuation and division of military benefits. This is often the most complicating factor in military divorces. USFSPA deems military retirement pensions to be marital property, but state law determines the fair distribution of the pension between the parties.

Military Divorce Timeframes

Divorcing military couples may have longer timeframes to complete their divorce proceedings. If one or both spouses are service members, particularly if one or both are deployed on active duty or stationed abroad, the duration of the proceeding can be longer. This is especially true if a spouse exercises their right to postpone divorce proceedings until active duty is complete.

Uniquely Qualified to Guide You

A former Marine, Mr. Ward is familiar with the challenges which are particular to military life. This personal insight, combined with three decades of practice as a divorce lawyer, makes him a strong ally to guide you through your divorce.

As a former Marine, Mr. Ward is familiar with the challenges which are particular to military life, as well as divorce proceedings. 

Members of the armed forces need a lawyer like Mr. Ward who understands rules and laws, such as the USFSPA, which are unique to military divorces. His practice is also conveniently located near the Naval Station Great Lakes, and he can represent clients in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Schedule a Consultation

With so much at stake in a divorce proceeding, such as asset allocation and child custody, it is strongly advised that you have respected and experienced counsel at your side. During a consultation, Mr. Ward can review the specifics of your case and advise you on your next steps. Schedule an appointment by contacting the firm online, or call us at (262) 842-5162.

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