Experienced Kenosha Trial Attorney

When you are facing legal troubles such as a divorce or criminal charges, it is important to have a lawyer who can skillfully and zealously protect your rights. You also want a lawyer who can anticipate the collateral issues and future ramifications.

The Law Office of John Anthony Ward provides solid guidance and strong representation for pressing legal matters. We look for creative and practical solutions, but we are not afraid to go to court to protect your interests.

Attorney John A. Ward has practiced law since 1985, representing clients in state and federal courts of southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our areas of practice include:

  • Criminal defense and DUI defense
  • Divorce, paternity, custody and family law
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Wills, trusts and probate
  • Business and civil litigation

"As an ex-Marine and a trial attorney with 31 years of experience, it is my belief that the most important word in the client-attorney relationship is trust."

A Comprehensive Approach To Legal Issues

We take a holistic view of your situation that goes beyond the immediate legal problem to address all related issues. For example, we evaluate whether your divorce is likely to lead to bankruptcy or how criminal charges might affect your custody rights. We also advise on changes to your estate planning documents so an ex-spouse would not be left in control of your business affairs or medical decisions. We will not just give you a partial solution and leave you to figure the rest out on your own.

Kenosha family law attorney John A. Ward looks for creative and practical resolutions, but prepares every case as if it will go to trial. This gives us a stronger position in negotiations and puts us in place to protect you in court if litigation is necessary. We use good judgment in advising our clients, and we help them make informed decisions regarding their case.

Any time your future is on the line, call 262-671-0165 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We will arrange evening and weekend appointments upon request, and our answering service is available 24 hours a day. We serve Kenosha, Racine and surrounding communities.