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While there are always risks involved with taking a case to the courtroom, you are best served by a lawyer who has extensive litigation experience. John Anthony Ward is not afraid of a challenge and has been successful on behalf of clients with his proactive approach and creative legal strategies.

The Law Office of John Anthony Ward provides zealous representation to find the most cost-effective solution to all of our clients' legal concerns. Where some attorneys are focused only on the immediate issue, we try to anticipate the impact on other facets of life. This comprehensive view ensures that you are not just trading one problem for another. Where some attorneys look for a plea bargain or a settlement, we start with the presumption of a trial. On the other hand, we are not attack dogs who blindly litigate when there is a win-win negotiation available. Our approach is always based on sound judgment and the best interests of our client.

Based in Kenosha, we assist clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Mr. Ward is also licensed in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. His law practice covers diverse but often overlapping legal matters, including criminal charges, divorce, bankruptcy, estate planning and probate disputes, as well as personal injury claims and business litigation.

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