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Resolving family matters can be a difficult and stressful time. It is essential that you work with a family law attorney who you can trust to serve your best interest throughout every step of the process. John Anthony Ward in Kenosha, WI, has dedicated his career to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome by providing the support they need to navigate the complex legal process. While he strives to provide effective legal services, he also respects the value of maintaining family relationships and will always guide his clients to the best avenue to resolve disputes. 

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Working with an experienced family law attorney helps ensure your family is prepared for the smoothest possible resolution

What Is Family Law? 

Family law refers to the legal practice area that handles aspects of familial relationships including: 

The various aspects of family law cases are closely connected and can have a lasting impact on family dynamics.

The Value of a Family Law Attorney

Working with an experienced family law attorney helps ensure that your family is prepared for the smoothest possible resolution. It is essential to hire a family law attorney for several reasons: 

Objective Insight
A lawyer can provide objective insight into your divorce and related issues. Their point of view can help you make sound decisions that are not strictly based on emotion and your relationship with the other party. 
Access to Experts
Psychologists, accountants, and other experts may be needed throughout your case to provide their opinion or assist with certain aspects of divorce such as property division and child custody. Working with an attorney who has access to reputable professionals can help benefit your case.
Document Preparation and Accuracy
Family law cases typically require extensive filing that is held to strict requirements and deadlines. An attorney can complete and file these documents on your behalf to ensure that proper procedure is followed.

Why Choose Mr. Ward?

In addition to his 30 years of experience, Mr. Ward offers clients personalized legal strategies that are based on decades of knowledge, familiarity with the local courts, and an understanding of the law in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Licensed in both states throughout nearly his entire career, he is familiar with facilitating interstate arrangements regarding child custody and support. He is also familiar with military divorces and the special considerations which affect these types of clients. 

Mr. Ward understands the unique needs of clients who want to maintain familial relationships while ensuring they are protected.

Mr. Ward has worked with a variety of clients with diverse circumstances and goals. This has allowed him to build a skill set that he can employ to tailor a strategy to your needs. Mr. Ward understands the unique needs of clients who are attempting to maintain their familial relationships while also ensuring they are protected. He approaches each case with these priorities in mind. 

Trusted Legal Services

Mr. Ward has helped many families achieve amicable agreements but can also provide aggressive representation to preserve your rights if needed. Whether you are filing for divorce or have found yourself in a struggle to maintain your parental rights, contact us online or by phone at (262) 654-8868 to schedule a consultation.  

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"Mr. Ward and his professional team proceeded tenaciously to build a strong case in my favor. His in-depth knowledge of the law resulted in my twelve year old felony becoming just a misdemeanor. Mr. Ward is the third attorney to work on my case, but the only one who achieved positive results."

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