Case Results

  • Custody Granted
    Child Custody
    Child's mother was interfering with the client's placement to have any custody of his child. Now he has primary custody of his child.
  • Shared-Custody Granted
    Child Custody
    Client was not given custody of her child. Now, she has shared custody.
  • Custody Granted
    Child Custody
    Parents were not taking care of their children properly and the grandmother now has custody.
  • Charges Reduced
    Felony Murder

    Client was involved in a bar fight. The other person died as a result of a fight. Dr. Michael Baden helped work on the case resulting in assisting in aiding a felony.

  • Not Guilty
    Attempted Murder

    Client charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a knife while attacking another man in a bar fight. He cut the other man less than oneĀ inch from the carotid artery.

  • Acquittal
    Date Rape
    Client accused of raping a woman. After a cross-examination, we were able to get an acquittal in less than an hour.