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Violent crimes are considered the most serious offenses that you can face due to their threat against human life and property. Most violent crimes are charged as felonies which can lead to lengthy prison terms, excessive fines, long probation periods, and other sanctions. If you are convicted, you will have a felony record that can hamper future attempts to gain employment, housing, professional licenses, and more. If you are a non-citizen, you may face deportation consequences.

Because of the high stakes, you need a strong and committed defender on your side who can match the prosecutor’s determination one for one. At the Law Office of John Anthony Ward, you will have a criminal defense veteran who has 35 years of experience and has prepared for and conducted more than 200 jury trials. That is the kind of extensive experience that can make a difference in how your case is resolved. Our Kenosha violent crimes defense attorney knows how to investigate and prepare cases for trial which will put you in the strongest position for a favorable case result. Where a case dismissal, reduction in charges, reduction in sentencing, or other options are available, our firm will fight tooth and nail to create and obtain such positive results.

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Understanding Violent Crimes in Wisconsin

Violent crimes generally involve the use of force against others. They may or may not involve the use of a dangerous weapon. They may or may not involve intent to harm others or property. Where deliberate and intentional harm is part of the crime, it is punished more severely.

Common Types of Violent Crimes in Kenosha

These types of crimes can include:

  • Domestic battery, substantial battery, or aggravated battery; these charges are based on how much harm was intended as well as how much harm was inflicted on a household member, co-parent, or dating partner

  • Recklessly endangering safety which occurs when you act in a criminally reckless way while disregarding the safety of others

  • Homicide, whether intentional or unintentional, such as with deliberate intent or justifiable homicide as well as vehicular manslaughter

  • Armed robbery which involves the threat of using or actual use of a deadly weapon while taking the property of others

  • Burglary which occurs by entering a building or structure without consent with the intention to commit a felony inside

  • Physically abusing a child which occurs through recklessly causing physical harm to a child

  • Arson, using fire to damage or destroy the property of others

  • Rape, referred to as sexual assault under Wisconsin law, whether to an adult or child

  • Threatening a police officer, judge, prosecutor, or other public servant

  • Kidnapping which involves the abduction of a child

Potential Penalties for Violent Crime Convictions in Wisconsin

Your charges in any violent crime will depend on the type of crime you committed, your intent, the extent of the injuries or damage inflicted, whether anyone died as a result, whether a dangerous weapon was used, and your prior criminal history, if any. In Wisconsin, felony charges can range from unclassified felonies to the most serious Class A felonies which carry life in prison. Other classes of felonies can carry prison terms ranging from a year up to 60 years with fines ranging from $10,000 up to $100,000.

Why Choose John Anthony Ward for Your Defense

In violent crimes where your freedom and future can be dramatically impacted, the choice of an attorney is even more critical than otherwise. You need to know that your defender is committed to the cause of providing you with the most effective defense strategy available based on the facts and circumstances of your case. Because our firm knows how to prepare a case for trial and has conducted hundreds of trials, we have the legal skills, investigative skills, and developed ability to put you in the strongest legal position possible. Our priority in every criminal case is to give you the best chance of favorable results, whether through a dismissal, case acquittal in court, negotiation for a reduced charge, or through reduced or alternate sentencing.

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  • Sexual Assault Not Guilty
  • DUI Not Guilty
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